Hey guys! No swatches or reviews tonight, just a “quick” post about something I’ve seen several bloggers are doing lately: empties.

Now, I have a crap-a-ton of products that would be impossible for me to finish in this life (I think not even if I’m born again), but I sure run out of some that I think most of us makeup/beauty enthusiasts have by the pound: samples.

All of the empties I’m showing here are samples. Some of them I received for free or with my ispy. These are the reasons why I almost never have to buy many of the products I use frequently.



Let me start listing them and giving you some info about them:

  • Argan Face Serum by Nourish Organic. It contains apricot and rose hip, smells deliciously like citric, but not in a way that overwhelms your senses. I used this one and the one by Josie Maran (this one smells the way the isle of the hand made beauty products from a whole food store smells, I personally love that smell ♥) as moisturizer before my makeup. Of course I don’t use too much and I wait for it to absorb, which it doesn’t take a lot of time to do. Both leave the skin baby like if you soak them in overnight.

Would I purchase the full size? No. I receive lots of this type of samples regularly from beauty subscriptions, I never run out of these products.

  • Gel Setter Gel Finish Top Coat by Essie. I bought this one myself when it was a new thingI really liked this top coat. It dries super fast and it is decently shiny, doesn’t smudge nail art and its base is very thin, which doesn’t thickens when the bottle is getting empty. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much it makes nail polish to last without chipping, since I paint my nails and remove my nail polish on a daily basis. But I’ve read that people either love it (because it is Essie and dries up super fast) or hate it (because they say nail polish chips after a couple of days).

Would I repurchase? Maybe, maybe not. But not because it is not good, but because I prefer other options that I really love and prefer. However, I am a top coat junkie and I love to collect good top coats, so who knows if one day I’m in the mood and pick one while at the store and buy it again.

  • Yogini Eau de Parfum by Harvey Prince. This came in a beauty subscription. Smells classy. I like it has sandalwood, Egyptian myrrh and amber notes. I’m actually sad I ran out of this one. I wear it when I wear my black pea-coat. Makes me feel fancy.

Would I purchase full size? Yes. Not sure when because I’m broke as hell right now, but if I have the money to splurge, I will buy it for sure.


  • Flash, Camera, Lashes! Eyelash Mascara by Tarte. Something funny about this mascara: I have never bought it intentionally and still I’ve had like 3 full size tubes of this one. Why? Because they came included in some special edition sets from Tarte. I even sold one at my old work place because I would never use them all by myself.

Not that I hate it, but I don’t love it as I should: it adds volume and length to my poor little lashes as I like, but it tends to clump a lot in the wand and on the lashes as well. It doesn’t dry fast, and this is not the waterproof version, so it melts at the end of the day, not terribly but it stains my under eyes. And I am also always trying new mascaras, it is another thing I love to collect and I use frequently, so I think I will buy more from different brands. This is in the picture is the sample I used to carry in my makeup bag that came in an Ulta order.

Would I repurchase? Not by itself, but I know most of Tarte’s special sets come with this one, so I know I will have this mascara secure for life.

  • b6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray by Urban Decay. Water primer. It does its job very well and it helped me when I had to do my makeup quickly. It refreshes the skin nicely, but I think I prefer the tubed/creamy versions of primers.

Would I purchase full size? Not in its full size, but maybe the travel version.

  • BH Studio Pro Waterproof Eye Primer by BH Cosmetics. It does a decent job of not allowing eye shadows to crease, but it doesn’t do a spectacular job at making colors to pop out as the one from UD. This actually in the pic is the regular size, I bought it when BH Cosmetics just released it. First time it arrived, I received an empty bottle, so they sent me a replacement. Then this one either had very little product or it doesn’t come out at some point: I ran out of it really fast, and not that I use a lot every time I do my makeup, which is like 3 times a week. I think they changed the packaging because of this same reason.

Will I repurchase? No. I have 3 big tubes of UD Primer Potion. So I’m not buying eye primer for a while.

  • Photo finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox. Who hasn’t received this sample in any of their subscription boxes or Sephora/Ulta orders? This, the same as my mid-rage sample products are reserved for the special/fancy occasions. It is one of my favorites because it leaves my skin very smooth to apply my foundation and it really helps it to not melt down, no matter if it is a drugstore foundation.

Would I purchase full size? Not at the moment. I have like 5 more little tubes of this one, and once I finish them, I have my other primers. And I am sure these 5 are not the last I’m going to receive.




So that’s it for tonight… geez, this was long, wasn’t it? It was supposed to be done “quickly”, but these 3 little whirlpools I have for children consume all of my time and I couldn’t finish earlier (I started this post at 8 PM) I am so sorry!

Which of these have you tried before? Did you like them? Did you hate them? Which from your empties do you recommend? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts  in the comments!


~ Minimanimom ♥



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