BH Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Swatches & Review

BH Cosmetics hopped in the bandwagon of the matte liquid lipsticks. Today I have swatches and my review for these brand new products after been using them for a bit more than a month.

From left: Cha Cha, Glory, Serena, Muse, Clara, Endora, Lust, Princess and Bewitched.

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I haven’t tried too many brands of liquid lipsticks. To be precise, I’ve only used 2 of them besides BHC: Milani (Amore Matte Lip Cremes) and Colour Pop (Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks) . While Milani’s are not very long lasting, Colour Pop turned out to be, as their name says “Ulta” dry for me: my lips flaked terribly even when I applied lip balm before applying it. I still use them, I have to wear a coat or 2 of lip balm underneath, but the colors are just to die for! I just ordered some more a couple of days ago because I read CP changed the formula, which I really hope so because their color variety is so vibrant and unique…

Princess (left), Endora (center) and Clara.

…anyways! Back to what I was saying at the beginning: I ordered 9 of the 10 new matte liquid lipsticks from BH Cosmetics almost two months ago (I think?). Icon seemed like a color that wasn’t going to look good on me, so I skipped it. Now I regret doing it so because I think it suits me better than one from the bunch I have. It will be restocked next March, so I’ll be waiting for it to buy it, for sure.

Glory (left) and Bewitched.

The packaging is very pretty. Their black boxes makes them look like from a  fancy brand with very accessible prices. I bought mine when BH Cosmetics introduced them at $6.50 a pop. The tubes have a nice size with a good amount of product (0.12 Oz.) that goes a long way with just a bit of it.

Close up and personal with Endora, showing the applicator of these lipsticks.

They don’t have any odor at all. They feel a bit dry, like most of the liquid lipsticks out there, but they definitely don’t over dry your lips and make them look cracked nor flake.

As I said, the collection of these lipsticks has 10 different colors, each of them have their own beauty and I think you could find some good dupes for some other liquid lipsticks from mid-range brands at a nice price. For example, Serena to me looks like Dolce K from the infamous Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, while Clara looks like Posie K by Kylie as well (both $29), and Glory looks very similar to Redrum ($18) by Jeffree Star. Oh, and Lust is pretty close to Unicorn Blood (Jefree Star) too.

Serena (left) and Muse.

My intention is not to claim they’re exact dupes of the popular ones, but just to share the idea of having a good alternative with these lipsticks if you happen to be on a budget or like me, that never has the chance to buy none of the popular ones because they go out of stock so fast.

I liked that they sure are transfer proof. Only one of them was a bit odd to wear (Lust), but I think that day I drank too much liquids that they wore it off in the center of my lower lip. I haven’t had any negative experience with the rest of them. But of course it is always recommendable that you prep your lips by exfoliating and applying lip balm prior using matte liquid lipsticks.


Finally lets go now for the reason you decided to check this post: the swatches. I did two shots: one under direct sunlight and the other one with natural light outdoors. I decided to show just the one with direct sunlight because it is the one that shows the true colors of these lipsticks the most, while the other one makes them look too bright and completely different. I don’t have shots with flash and without flash indoors because one, I don’t like shots done with flash and two, because my camera doesn’t focus without flash inside of my apartment.

Aaaaand here they are in all of their glory:


I personally love all of them. Bewitched is the only one that I consider to be a bit weird for me, not because it is an ugly color, but because I feel I’m too old to wear that color. But I ordered it because I liked how it looked in the swatch at BH’s website. Now I am waiting for Icon to be restocked because I think it is a better color for me.

So which one of these you would like to try? Do you think they would be a good knock off of your fave matte liquid lipsticks? I hope my swatches help you guys to spot a dupe of a color from other brand you would love to rock! Please share your thoughts about liquid lipsticks in the comments with me, which ones besides the ones I mention do you recommend?

~ Minimanimom



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