Revealed Smoky eye shadow palette – Swatches and review!

Here’s the promised post I told about in my unboxing of Boxycharm for January: the swatches and review of the new Revealed Smoky Eye Shadow Palette by Coastal Scents.

As you may know, Boxycharm sent the most recent Revealed eye shadow palette to their subscribers (this beauty subscription sends full sized samples, you can take a look in my previous post).

Not a sponsored post. All reflected in this entry is my own, personal experience.

It has been said that this palette can be considered as a dupe for the Naked Smoky eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. In my case, I don’t have any of the Naked palettes, so I can’t compare both Smoky palettes physically to see if this one is a dupe for the UD one, but I hope my swatches help others that have it to tell if this can be a dupe or not.

Lets start to what all of you looking at here are interested in: the review and swatches!


It has 20 colors that seem to take a while before you hit pan in them. They’re supposed to be 10 matte and 10 shimmery, but to my observation, two of the mattes don’t have a matte finish at all. I’ll explain that in a moment.

The only thing this palette is missing to be perfect is a mirror, because everything else is just so great! It is lightweight and the packaging, besides having a nice design, it is not bulky at all, so you can slip in this palette anywhere for on the go.

Here are each of the shadows in the palette with a number assigned for the swatches:


When applying these shadows, it was a big surprise to notice how buttery they felt and how pigmented they can be without primer, especially #9 and #10 for being such sheer colors. You still can build them nicely if you don’t use a primer underneath, and with primer the results are just beautiful:

Colors from the Revealed Smoky eye shadow palette by Coastal Scents, first row (top).

I did these with no primer on my arm. I had to build some of the colors, but as I said, they’re easy to work with. The only shade that took me a lot of job to to build was #6, which is a golden shimmery that blends almost completely with the back of my tanned arm. But it is not that terrible, just never forget to use primer with this one. The rest of them did not give me any bad moment at all.

The reviews are extreme for this palette: customers either love it or hate it. Thank goodness this baby was nice with me and made me from the ones who really like it.

Colors from the Revealed Smoky eye shadow palette by Coastal Scents, row 2 (bottom).

Doing the second row was my favorite: there was no shadow like #6 from the first row that gave me the pain when applying it. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Now, about the 2 matte shadows that are not that matte: #4 and #14 are not shimmery neither matte. But if you observe them closely, you can notice they have a special, foiled-like finish. #4 looks like a matte taupe in the palette and #14 looks like a light matte grey, but they definitely give a gorgeous metallic finish to your eye look.

About the durability and quality once worn: I was really impressed on how blendable they are and how well they hold up against my hooded eyes (that makes your eye shadows to crease if you don’t use the right products on them), they did not crease and looked like fresh applied for hours the day I spent almost all the time out with my family. I am totally in love with this palette and has become my go-to.

So is this palette worth the money? For being a drugstore quality palette, it totally is if you’re in the market for a smoky palette and don’t want to break the bank. Right now, Coastal Scents is doing a sale where all of the Revealed palettes are 25% off (regular price is $19.95, still a nice amount if you compare them with the price of the mid-range ones)! It is a great option if you don’t own any of the Naked palettes like me.

Have you tried this palette? Were you from the ones who love it or who hated it? Share your experience with me, please,  in the comments! Or if you have any questions that you see I did not mention in my postI love to hear from you!

~ Minimanimom



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