Eyes on 2016 – BOXYCHARM (Full review)

Not a sponsored post. This is my own personal experience!

Tonight I have 2 posts that I hope I can make in time before it is Monday. Why? Because one is tied to the other one, starting for the content of my Boxycharm for January.

I’ve been a subscriber for Boxycharm for like 8 months (not sure, I’ll check the accurate later), but I cancelled last month since I can’t afford 3 subscriptions. And then they announced the first sneak peek for this month and they hooked me again. So here I am now showing you what made me subscribe again.

Lets start by reviewing the service:

1) What can you expect from BOXYCHARM?

This monthly subscription sends you a box with 5 full-sized beauty samples. You read that right: full size. They can be makeup, skincare, nail care and beauty tools. This box allows you to try a lot of great products from popular (most of them online) brands with samples that can be full sized and if they’re not (which is very rare), they come with a nice amount of product for you to try and see the results with time.

2) What have I received from BOXYCHARM all this time as a subscriber?

I met Ofra Cosmetics thanks to BOXYCHARM, they sent their Stripped Blush (which I fell in love with), I tried my first NCLA and Lauren B nail polishes too, Bella Pierre Lip & Cheek tint, Lord & Berry Eyeliner, Cult Cosmetics nail polish, Chella Clear Eyebrow Gel, MICA Beauty gel eyeliner (the best gel eyeliner ever), a Tarte eyeliner… just to name a few. All of these were FULL SIZE.

An example of a past Boxycharm (September 2015)

3) How much does it cost?

$21.00 with shipping and handling included. Sounds expensive if you’re just subscribed to either ipsy and Birchbox, but as I said, you will rarely get small sized samples and you get just 2 samples, one of each skincare and hair care in each box. The rest is makeup and makeup tools or nail polish. The best thing is: you get the box of the month you’re subscribing, so if you pay on February 14 or 28, you will get February’s box..

4) Is there a wait list to join?

No. No wait list. There’s Boxycharm for  anyone who wants to join. And you can cancel and join again any time.

For January, they killed it with the content. Although they were 4 products (which is another unusual thing with Boxycharm), the amount content in one of their featured products made it for the missing 5th sample. See it for yourself:


And let me start with the product that made me re-subscribe:


Revealed Smoky Eye Shadow Palette by Coastal Scents. This is their most recent, brand new eye shadow palette and it is seen as an alternative to the Naked Smoky from Urban Decay. This one has 20 eye shadows, 12 that could be really dupes for the UD ones:


Now, I do not own the UD Smoky one to compare in person to see if the claims can be true, but one thing I can do is to say this eye shadow palette is just amazing. So great that I had to make a complete post with swatches and all exclusively for this baby. It is the other one I was talking about at the beginning of this entry, so stay tuned for my review!

Lets keep moving towards the other products:


Mascara Amplified by blinc. This mascara has very specific instructions. It claims to use a “tubing” method that consists in little “tubes” that will build up and mimic your natural lashes to make them luck fuller and thicker. Imagine what fiber lash extensions do, but called in a different way and in just one single step (fiber lashes needs you to apply 2 products, the fiber lash extensions and your fave mascara, this requires you to apply this product by itself).


I have tried fiber lashes before (Catrice), and they worked fine for me. But this mascara did not do what I thought it was going to do: it did separate my little eyelashes very well, but it did not make them look longer or thicker enough to see a great result.

It was still a nice trial because I am always open to try new mascaras.

Next up, the only item I did not try from this box:


Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen by Starlooks Cosmetics. I am not using this because I did not like receiving the product, but because at the moment I have a lot of eyeliners of all types and colors. Adding another one is of no use to me, so this will be given to a girl who is in need of a new eyeliner (a friend of mine of course).

But I have tried Starlooks eye pencils in the past thanks to ipsy and they’re good pigmented. I know a pen eyeliner is not the same as the common pencil eye liner, but knowing the quality of the brand, this is probably a great product too.

Finally the items that made it for the missing sample to make 5 samples as usual:


Revolution Boxycharm Special Edition Detail Brush Set by Royal and Langnickel. To me, from the 3 of them, the bristles of 2 looked a bit plastic-y and hard to pick powder eye shadows without making them to dust all over, so I tried them with cream products instead. They worked good!


The BX-80 is the only one I tried with powder because it looked it was the softer of them and I was not mistaken: it is very soft but firm enough to pick up powder and apply it. It is the brush I used to do my swatches of the Smoky eye shadow palette I received in this box too.


And good news for my vegan readers: these are 100% vegan, no animal testing or bi-products are used in this brush set.

So this is it for my Boxycharm this month. Now, let me go and start putting together the pictures for the next post: the swatches of my new Revealed Smoky palette. See you there, of course.

Oh, but before I go: have you tried Boxycharm before? What are your thoughts about it? Please speak out your mind in the comments and let me know if you’re Boxy too!


~ Minimanimom




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