Play! by Sephora – January 2016 (Review)


So it looks like it has became a tradition to leave everything to the very last moment regarding subscription boxes for me. I received my Play! by Sephora a couple of weeks ago and I could post about it until right now. Having 3 kids is literally having a fetter attached to you…

…anyways, lets start by saying that this month just 1 item is worth it (to me, of course). All the rest will go to the pile of samples that I have no idea what I am going to do with them (that pile for sure is growing!). This month’s theme was “No Appointment Necessary” and the content of the box is supposed to give you everything for an experience spa-like at home.


Here’s the at a glance:


Can you guess which are the items will join that pile? I know you don’t ’cause it is probably you don’t know me well…yet (not blaming, I just started here recently and I don’t have too many followers to make me that popular). Therefore, I will tell you in a moment which are them.

Lets start taking a look into this box by the item that made the box worth it by itself:


Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight in 01 Hefty Highlight by Clinique. I’m a highlighter junkie and I love a good highlighter, I can’t have too many of them. Although I prefer powder, this creamy stick is just stunning. This pearled pink makes the skin glow just gorgeously. Just a little bit goes a long way, it is that pigmented. What you see as the tip of the pencil is the whole amount of product that comes in it.

Here’s a quick swatch:


Silly me, getting such a small teaser of product and doing this huge application! But everything is in the name of beauty and my fellow makeup junkies that like to see a swatch big enough to decide if they like the color and finish or not… beautiful anyways, isn’t it?

Moving forward to the other and last sample from this box I will use:


Isabel Eau de Parfum by Tocca Beauty. Besides of being called like me, the fragrance of this little tube is so good for me, I also can’t have too much little perfume samples, I always use them all on-the-go ’cause I can’t smell my own perfume at the end of the day, so I reapply from time to time one of those tubes. This one will have the same purpose. Key notes are Spanish rose, bergamot and orange.

Now that the fun has ended, I’ll start showing you the other items that will go to the pile I mentioned at the beginning of this post:


Style Lab Prime Style Extender Spray by Living Proof (not sure about the right name of this one). A hair primer. Hair primer… why would anyone need a hair primer??? Then I read the guide included in the box and the hamster inside of my head started making the wheel to go round again: this thing is to protect your hair from heat when you style it with a hot hair tool (terrible brain fart there). And since I rarely do anything to my hair and I already have my Oscar Blandi. Besides, it is a very small amount for the huge, thick mane I have, so this “primer” won’t see the light out of its tube.


Needles No More Expression Line Smoother by dr. brandt. Here are some facts about me: I don’t use other thing on my skin to take care of it that is not: 1)organic and/or 2)frankincense, coconut and jojoba oil. So this sample unfortunately was also a turn off for me. The guide says it can be used  on the forehead, crow’s feet, above the cheeks and between the brows to blur fine likes and wrinkles. It has to be dabbed on the skin after cleansing, before moisturizing.

There was this lady on my Instagram account that said she saw results after a very few days with this product, so for any of those that like trying skincare products, this sounds like it does its job very well.


Long before I decided to always stick to organic skincare, I tried these eye patches I received once in my first ipsy bag. That one was the very first and last time I used a thing like those patches: my eyes were so itchy and watery I could not leave them there the entire 20 minutes the instructions told to leave the patches on. And stubborn me decided to give another brand of patches a try (three years after that incident, in other words recently) and the result was the same (following instructions and all!).

I know this says it is a honey “mask”, but if you’ve experienced what I lived with those patches, would you give this product a try? I know I won’t, so better for me to start thinking about who I can pass this on so they can give this sample a good use, and considering I have no friends, I’m afraid it will sit there for a long time.


Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. This treatment has exfoliator agents and retinol. I prefer a good home made organic scrub and organic retinol applied to my skin. So no. But to not make this one (even) less important, here are the ingredients: willow bark extract, glycolic acid and mandelic acid (anti-irritation and antibacterial properties).

Despite of that much samples I won’t use, I am still liking this subscription because it is so inexpensive that makes me enjoy when I receive even just one item or two that I will actually use, and also because that’s the way all beauty subscriptions work with that surprise element.

One thing you have secured with this subscription: you will always receive mid-range to high end samples that are considered luxury, so drugstore type have no place here, so imagine if you received some tweezers in another subscription, if you were to receive them from Sephora too, these would be from their own line of beauty tool (mid-range). Crossing fingers that they can be Anastasia too!

Has Sephora released this service to your city? I read they were about to expand to more cities, I’d love to hear if you are off the wait list for good, please let me know in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to share with me which was your fave sample this month!

~ Minimanimom ♥

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*EDITED* I just noticed it was posted as January 2015 instead of 2016. Oops…




  1. this is such a nice box! I’ve tried the honey mask before and it’s amazing 🙂
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