Nail Idea: Blue and gold nails! – (Born Pretty Review)

I received my stud wheel and nail tape from Born Pretty for review purposes, the following post is my sole, honest opinion.


Guess what? This was supposed to be a #ManiMonday nail idea (I even had the banner with the hashtag ready to post), but then again, my PC gave me the pain and did not work, I could not come and write this. I am truly committed to get material to post here everyday, I really want to become a blogger! So without making things larger here, lets get started!

Yesterday as I said, for Mani Monday I did these blue nails with some golden tape and metallic studs. I received as sample to review:

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As you can see, this wheel comes with studs in different shapes, 12 exactly. They’re mixed in gold and silver. The wheel has compartments where each shape comes with 10 studs. That’s a lot to decorate your nails! You can pick them up easily with a picker pen for rhinestones or simply with the tips of your fingers when they’re well moisten. I have the pen but I use my fingers most of the time.


And this is how the golden nail tape looks from the side. It is not as skinny as I thought. There’s a lot of other color options for this tape, but I chose golden because well, I also thought the color would be different. In person looks more like a metallic yellow than gold.

So I’m posting my nail idea as Blue & Gold because those were the colors I (compulsively) chose, but it can be in just any color you want.

And you don’t need too much to do them:


For this nail idea, you need your favorite nail polish in any color you want, fast dry top coat and a nail clipper. Don’t freak out, that one is to crop the tape, not your nails. And the decor items, of course.

  1. Start applying the base color over 2 thin coats of base coat (Seche Vite shown in the pic above is a great base coat too) well dried on all of your nails except one or two of them. Those will be your accents.
  2. Paint those chosen nails with two stripes of color each, leaving a negative space (no nail color) in the middle, in transversal direction.
  3. After allowing your base color to dry hard, cut some trims of nail tape and place over your nails with negative space, following the direction of the stripes of color. The idea is to cover the crooked lines of the base color to make them look straight.
  4. Add a thick drop of top coat on all the nails you want to apply nail studs on. It can be the shape of your preference. You can add as many you want in the nails you want. Place them before the drop dries out.
  5. Seal all your nails with a coat or two of fast dry top coat.

And that’s it! Here’s the final look of the nails following the instructions above:


As you can see, the negative space doesn’t have to look perfectly done because the nail tape is going to make it look like it is perfect at the end. The tape can also work the same way nail vinyls work, but of course just to get straight lines, in any direction you want.

Both of the nail tape and studs are really easy to manage. This was my first time using nail tape and I had fun using it, and by fun I mean I did not find myself stressing out because my nails started to look more like a mess rather than the idea I have in my head. They turned out looking nice, didn’t they?

I hope you guys liked this idea as much as I did! Have you ever tried nail tape? Or metallic studs? Do you like this type of charms or do you like crystal? Please share your nail ideas with me in the comments!

Much love to you ♥

~ Minimanimom