#NailArt: French Mani with a twist (Pictorial & Review)

I was provided with the nail accessories for review purposes. This post is my sole honest opinion.

Hello. It’s me (tell me you didn’t think about Adele!). I can finally blog again, this time without any problem…well, that’s what it seems. I took my PC to the technician once again and it looks like this time he fixed it good, no problems while editing this post at all. So expect from me again (almost) daily. Yay! I don’t think anyone cares but anyways, I’m happy…

The idea of nail decoration here was posted on my Instagram 4 days ago. I was planning on post this how-to since then but as I said, my PC completely died and I could not. And not making my talking too long, lets go straight to what matters:

WHAT IT IS: A classic French Manicure with a bit of pizzazz.

Clockwise: Colores de Carol in Bling!, In the Spot-Light Pink by OPI, Seche Vite fast dry top coat, Alpine Snow by OPI and 2 nail charms from Born Pretty Store.

(As always, weather here was cloudy and my camera made the nails to come out super bright, so the pic can’t show the steps done very well, sorry again for terrible quality! Cross your fingers so I can get a real camera soon.)

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Pink sheer nail polish for the base, a white creamy one for the tips, glittery nail polish (in silver), fast dry top coat, nail glue (not shown in the pic above), a toothpick and nail charms. For my nail look I choose two adorable charms in the shape of little spiders:

Newly Pearl Spider Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store.

Cute, aren’t they? Mine have a pearl for body, but this type of charm is also available with a rhinestone instead. Pearls are my fave, so pearls had to be.

These charms are very light weight. In fact, you don’t feel them when you are wearing them on your nails. And they definitely give life to any look you are rocking any day. Did they say they’re inexpensive as well? You can find them at Born Pretty Store for $2.16 a pair, free shipping worldwide (yes, free worldwide! and if you use the code MINIG10 you can get 10% off from your total purchase)

THE HOW-TO (shown in pictures below):

START WITH YOUR BASE: Apply one or two thin coats of Seche Vite as base coat on all your clean nails. This nail polish in particular acts like an anti yellow agent, and it helps to remove the nail polish without having to use nail polish remover (which is the one that makes your nails to stain). Allow it to dry in between applications.

PINK: I used In the Spot-Light Pink by OPI in 3 thin coats. It is a very sheer pink that needs to be built, but once you apply your 3rd coat, you will see it is the perfect pink for a french mani. Always allow all coats to dry hard (picture on top left).

Excuse my crooked, old lady fingers…

DRAW YOUR TIPS: Using your white polish, draw the tips following the curvy shape of your natural tips. You can use the same brush from the cap or you can use a detail brush from the arts and crafts store. I used Alpine Snow by OPI (picture on bottom left). It is very creamy and one application is enough, but the formula is a bit tricky to work with, so watch out for that. Let it dry well.

GLITTER ALL THE THINGS! With the help of a toothpick, pick some of the glittery nail polish and start adding it to the curve of your white nail tips (like using a pencil to draw the curve)  as shown in the image above. I used a toothpick but you can use any tool of your choice. Let it dry hard.

SEAL AND PROTECT YOUR NEW NAIL LOOK: Add a coat of your favorite top coat. I chose Seche Vite ’cause is super fast dry and super glossy.

ADD YOUR CHARMS: After applying top coat and before it dries completely, add a drop of nail glue to the corners of two of the nails of your choice. Doing this step before the top coat dries completely helps the charm to get attached firmly to your nails. Place then your charms on the drops of glue.

And here’s the result for following my sucky tutorial:


If you notice that some of my corners are like broken it is because they are 😥  This weather is terrible with my hands and they get dehydrated easily, and putting on my sweater made them break. And my thumb too… always oil your nails. Like crazy if possible… anyways, I bet you can do it better, can’t you? 😉

I think these could be some nice nails when going to a wedding. Not sure f a bride would like to rock them, but a bridesmaid or a guest could wear it and have her hands shining bright like a diamond.

Do you like french manicures? What would you add them? Let me know your ideas in the comments and I hope your liked this nail idea as much as I do!

~ Minimanimom

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