Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches and review!

Image copyright belongs to Urban Decay Cosmetics and it is used for illustration purposes.

So last year (last month haha!) I decided to treat myself for Christmas and bought some little presents (makeup), including the most recent collab between Urban Decay with Gwen Stefani and today I’m showing you my swatches. Yeah, there’s already a lot of them already, but I wanted to show mine anyways…would you like to stay with me and see? Good!

Lets first take a look at the packaging. I swear that most of the makeup I buy has gorgeous packaging. I don’t care much for what it is inside of it, if it looks pretty I’m surely buying it. Yes, I am a complete sucker of cute packaging, and this palette got me from the beginning, even before opening the box it came with:


Of course I knew before seeing it in real life that I was definitely buying this palette thanks to the sneak peeks in social media. That and because it is Gwen’s. I loved seeing the pics of this palette’s case, but I never thought how amazingly stunning is in person. I promise, pics don’t do any justice to this one (well, mine either ’cause my camera sucks)!


This baby has got a lot of extreme opposite opinions. Some of them say it is a boring palette. To others this is a great palette. I am from the side that likes it, but to me it is more than great: it is an awesome palette. Not just because I have been Gwen’s fan since I was 17 (not too long ago), but because a couple of other reasons. Let me illustrate you better:

  • The first and most important one: if you don’t own any of the naked palettes like me (yes, there’s still a small group of us that never got the opportunity to buy them when they were the new thing), then this palette is a good purchase.

I’ve read, for example, that Blackout was already in another Naked palette. Not sure if that’s true since I don’t have any, but in case this was true, well it is not a loss for me because I’m not getting a repetition.

  •  The palette truly sticks to the promise to be like Gwen, obviously because she chose her fave UD shades, but also because it represents perfectly the colors Gwen would wear. Most people expected more bright, bold colors, but Gwen had rock neutrals and a pop of bright colors on her lips (and winged eyeliner, of course) since forever.
  • The quality UD’s eye shadows  are known for: buttery and pigmented.


Now, there’s a bit of downside in this palette (I said it is awesome, not godly perfect). But I’ll address that after showing you the reasons you’re probably reading this (in any case you really are): the swatches.

I’ll start by showing the softest shades here. They’re not showed by rows as in the palette, I decided compulsively to separate soft from bold. I have them shown first under direct sunlight and natural daylight after:


I’m medium skin tone. Most of these shades blend almost completely in the back of my arm, that’s why they are close to invisible under direct sunlighr. But when applied with the bold, they show their truly beauty at their full.


And like magic, the back of my arm looks pale under shadows and the colors are less visible…in the pic. My camera is not much capable to capture soft nudes. But the’re completely buildable if you were wondering, so you can get more out of these colors if you work them. Steady and baby are my favorites from this set.

Moving forward with the bold and darker:


And with the second light “setup”:


I987 is my favorite from this set. In person remids me over Telepathy, from the Where the Night is by Colourpop. Good thing, because I loved that shade, but I’m not a fan of cream eye shadows, so this being powder is great for me.

And the last 2 shades, ’cause my arm is not that long to fit the all the last shades for a single pic:


Under sunlight, Danger looks completely bright blue, but you can see it is a total bright blue in natural daylight:


Now the bit of downside I mentioned before:

There’s only one from all of these shadows that I found a bit chalky and hard to achieve its true color: Pop. It is more glittery than pigmented. For this shade, eye primer is a must. For the other ones, there’s no damage if you completely forget priming before applying because they’re really versatile and buildable and the color payoff is good.

So as I said (and I will keep saying it): this is am awesome palette for someone like me or someone who is just simple a UD collector and likes to buy every single release from them.


(*screaming like a little girl again*)

Source: Urban Decay Facebook fan page

In case you were wondering: yes I am buying these, and no, not all of it. The blush palette and brow set are a hell yes. The lipsticks and liners not, just that magenta one and one of the reds. Not all reds are suitable for me, so I will choose the one that swatches better at the store on my skin. This is the thought you must keep in mind if you see just repetitions, because not all the shades of red are one size fits all. That’s the beauty of variety whenever is available, you can pick what suits you better.

Now I’ll stop all my blah blah to ask my obligated questions: what are your thoughts on this palette? And the whole upcoming collection (*screams fangirling in a high pitch tone*) Do you own it or are you planning on buying it (or all)? Share all the feelings with me in the comments, I truly appreciate a lot you do!

I hope you found these swatches useful for you.

~ MiniManiMom