Born Pretty Store water decals – Nail idea and review

I was provided with these water decals in exchange of my review and honest opinion by Allison from Born Pretty Store.

I haven’t had much inspiration to paint something on my nails. But I’d really like to do it, I really do. But the everyday chores and my kids leave me with no energy or ideas for nail art, so when I received my little sample package from Born Pretty Store I felt like I was being saved, especially for these little items that can be your best ally for nail art, regardless of your level of skills: water decals.

And the ones I received are totes adorbs!

Born Pretty water decals No. C196

They’re like stickers for your nails without any type of glue on the back. You separate them from the paper where they come by dropping them in water.

For this nail idea you just need one or two polishes of your choice and your favorite top coat. You must have your nails already painted and completely dry. For my design I used Malachite by Colores de Carol, a green polish with golden micro glitter.

Here are the products I used:

Clockwise: Colores de Carol in Cha-Ching!; Topped With Love fast dry top coat by Love Angeline; Colores de Carol in Malachite and water decals from Born Pretty Store in No. C196

 How to use them:

  • After opening the package, remove the thin plastic foil from top of the decals (this is not the part you have to separate to stick them to your nails).
  • Choose the part you want on your nails and cut them with any scissors.
  • Drop your piece of decal in regular tap water for approx. 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Take out the decal from water. Using your fingertips, remove the white paper and discard this part.
  • Place over your nail and press gently all over, so it will fit to your nail shape. Cut the excess with scissors and get rid of the excess around your nails with a toothpick damped with nail polish remover.
  • Seal and protect your freshly done nail look with one or two coats of your favorite fast dry top coat.
  • Tip: add a thin coat of top coat if needed before applying the decal, so it will stick better. Use tweezers to remove decals easier and better.

And that’s it! New mani like just out of the nail spa!

Now, if you’re like me and love to add some pizzazz to any design, a good glittery nail polish is of good use here. This is the final look on my nails:

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I did a glitter gradient on the solid nails using Cha-Ching! by Colores de Carol, while I added just some strains of glitter on the decals, using a toothpick. Pretty, isn’t it?

The beauty of this accessory is they’re totally foolproof: if I could do it, anyone can make them work (because, believe me, I’m pretty much useless on following instructions). They’re that easy to use.

If you ever want to try and have fun like I did with water decals, visit the Born Pretty Store website. They have lots of different designs to choose from. My code MINIG10 chops a 10% of the total price of your purchase. And they ship worldwide for free. You read that right: free international shipping.

And I also hope you liked this idea. Share your thoughts (and questions) about nail art in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

~ MiniManiMom