#ThrowbackTuesday: A glance of a year in Nail Art – Instagram moments


2015 was the year where I totally became addicted to nail polish and obsessed with nail art. I painted my nails every day, except for the last months for personal reasons. I am currently trying to get again into it, with the hopes of becoming an official swatcher and reviewer for a brand of nail polish (and why not, makeup too while I am on it). Here I am showing you some Instagram snaps with a few of the best moments I had.

I am proud to show you first my progression:


When I started with this little hobby, I had no clue if what I was doing was done in the correct way: I felt totally embarrassed by my results, nail art was such a hard thing! So good ol’ Instagram filters were my “life saviors”, believing they would hide the ugliness of my nails.

Today I can show my nails without any filters (funny, now I can’t stand Instagram filters on nail art and nail polish swatches!), with no fear of the final looking of the nail art I do. I can take a proper pic of my nails with a better hand pose.

Now also know how to do a proper swatch of nail polish:


Left was almost a year ago. Right was a couple of months ago. Both nails are wearing exactly the same nail polish (the top coat on the right is from the same brand). HUGE DIFFERENCE, don’t you think?

Going back a bit more:

Polka Dots with roses topped with Gel Setter by Essie.

One of my favorite designs. I didn’t noticed how badly I cropped the nails when finishing them using the same polish I used as base coat. But I loved the look at the end either ways.

I also had some practice with vinyl stencils. They’re kinda tricky to make them work for you. But the results are totally worth it:

Purple nails with glitter using mermaid stencils and Intoxicating by Eliana’s Collection.

Instagram opened the gate of nail art for me. I have found accounts of incredibly talented people, some of them I had the honor to work with, even at distance:


About the image above: Stefy Ayala aka Smaltefy is a nail artist from Lima, Perú. Mother of 3 (like me), she’s currently training to become a manicurist for OPI in her country. I had the honor to do a twin nails with her, she picked the design and I had the task of recreating it.

Moving forward… I also have experienced many nail breaks that have forced me to go back to nubbies. Once I had this split on one of the sides of my middle finger, but I did not want to chop them all again and lose the length they had. So I went into the almond shape:


Which I totally hated. I love my squared shape! (Fun fact: two of my nails grow curvy, they will always grow into the squoval shape naturally, and no matter how much I file them, they will never be as square as the other two.)

Then of course I went to nubbies again. All in the name of getting rid of the almond shape:


The above design was done using clear nail wraps with design, I painted my nails with a teal base and added some golden glitter and nail polish as half moons.

Another talented lady I did a bestie twin nails with is Dianna Setterfield. She lives here in the USA but in different state.


She is so patient with me every time we do a twin nails or mani swap! I don’t know why, but something has to happen that I can’t have my pic ready at the same time as her. That time for the pic above I did to choose the design. She recreated it so beautifully.

One of my best moments on Instagram was when ipsy reposted this swatch I did of a nail polish I received in one of my Glam Bags:


The story behind this pic is kinda crazy. I wanted to do my nails to match my ipsy bag. But that month the design was black and white houndstooth, which I failed to do on my nails miserably: no matter how much I tried to make the stencils to work, I ended up ruined the nails, so I wasted the whole sheet of stencils after many tries. I thought my chance to be featured and being noticed was not going to happen. And what a surprise I received! ipsy totally loved my simple swatch and featured it.

Moving forward again, here’s another one of my favorites from my most recent designs:


It was supposed to be a pastel galaxy design, but one girl said it did not look like it.

And finally, nail art on Instagram has opened the doors for me to have the chance for some epic twin nails with Jamie the Lacquered Lady for New Year’s Eve:


Story behind this pic: when I had my previous blog, way before I started to be interested in doing my nails, I followed another girl who loved nail polish and blogged every day about it. Her blog lead me to find Jamie. I always, always drooled over my keyboard looking at her flawless designs. I left the blogging life and lost track of her. Then I found her again on Instagram, but with my obsession well defined, and now I have the honor to include in my collection a twin nails done with her. She definitely went above and beyond with her design, which I recreated for this. I had to pinch myself when she said yes after asking her about doing this.

Oh, but not everything has been nice and pretty for me. Visit my Instagram profile to have a look to my journey in this crazy, little addiction of mine. I hope you guys liked my year review as much as I do!

~ Bea





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