#PlayBeautifully challenge prize (e.l.f. Cosmetics) – Unboxing and quick reviews PART I



First of all, I owe a BIG APOLOGY to the few of you that started following (and reading, of course) my blog from the beginning (which it wasn’t long ago). I got sick from sinus and I spent one week very ill, plus my PC did not respond for a while, so I could not come back to  even update my blog (it still have nasty errors, but I am doing what I can while I take it back with the technician).

Now that I’m back, I have pictures to share with you from the prize I receive from e.l.f Cosmetics! I won one of their #PlayBeautifully challenges on Instagram about two months ago. It was something crazy, I have never won a giveaway of this magnitude using a selfie (I am not a selfie person)… anyways, what I am about to show you is just half of it, the other half was given away as Christmas presents to some friends.

Well, after that brief intro, lets take a look to what I picked. The prize consisted in a $100 e-gift card to shop at their website. You can imagine how I was when ordering: like a child in the toy store wanting to pick just everything there! Oh BTW, I took the pics inside of my apartment (which is basically a cave), the camera from my phone refuses to focus without direct sunlight, so I’m sorry for the sucky images with different colors to the real ones you’re going to see.

OK, OK enouhg blah, blah. Here are the pics of everything:



Matte Lip Color (clockwise) in Dash of Pink, Natural, Tea Rose, Praline and Coral. Retail value: $3

These were one of the last items e.l.f. released to their recently re-defined line in 2015. Weather here has been super cloudy, rainy and cold, totally of no use (worse with my sickness), so I don’t have swatches of these (I’m sorry!). I will update this post with them once it is sunny again. They’re creamy and not transfer proof, with intense pigmentation, especially Dash of Pink (my favorite from these). They’re like regular lipsticks: you need to constantly reapply them if you use and move your lips a lot through the day, but the matte finish is great and for that price the damage (if any) can’t be so bad.


Blush Palette in Light. Retail Value: $6

This is truly a gem. I chose the Light one because the blushes from the other one looked too bold for me. These also are a bit dark in my opinion to be considered “light” shades, but the beauty of this palette is, besides not being chalky,  a little of product goes a long way, the pigmentation is crazy but definitely workable. Completely worth what you spend on it. It has 3 matte blushes and 1 shimmery, which surprisingly doesn’t dust much glitter as you may think the first time you see it.


Baked Highlighter in Pink Diamonds and Baked Blush in Pinktastic. Retail value: $3 ea.

Pink Diamonds is one of the 3 shades of the baked highlighters that got my attention from the 2 available to purchase. I found it a bit chalky and the pigmentation is not intense as I imagined, but you can build it up nicely om your face with their small stippling brush, so it is not a terrible makeup item after all.

Pink Diamonds (baked highlighter)

Pinktastic is another great finding: while it is marked and sold as a blush, this one can be definitely used as a highlighter with way better results than Pink Diamonds: the pigmentation is amazing and the glow it gives is just gorgeous. Best $3 you could ever spend in a makeup item.

Pinktastic (baked blush)

Next up are the items I was the most excited about: the brushes. Do I really need to say why? Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or away from the makeup world, like me…), you already know that the e.l.f brushes have an amazing quality for the price you pay: soft velvety to the touch, firm enough to pick up makeup and apply it gorgeously. Plus they don’t shade at all after washing them.

The first brush I am showing is the one that got me hooked to these:


Small Stipple Brush. Retail Value: $3

I use this one to apply and buff highlighters. I love how easy it makes powders to work with! I bought one a week before winning my prize, so I ordered another one because it is really that good.


Selfie Ready Foundation/Blurry Brush Retail Value: $6

Love me some large, fluffy brushes! This one helps me to buff my foundation beautifully, no streaks left behind. I took the pic of it with the packaging ’cause the brush doesn’t have the name as the Stipple Brush.


Flawless Face Brush Retail Value: $6

Another cute fluffy brush, this is a bit bigger than the Selfie Ready. I thought it was going to be this big, round fluff ball, but it is kinda flat if you look at it by the sides:

Flawless Face Brush

…..which is absolutely not a problem for me! It is still soft, it is still fluffy and big, so me love it. I’m using it with setting powders for my foundation.


Contouring Brush Retail Value: $6

This is the only one from the e.l.f. brushes that I find softer than the other 2 contouring brushes I own (one is from BH Cosmetics and the other one is from Luxie Beauty), but its firmness is good enough to contour. I thought it could make pressed powders to dust, but thank goodness it didn’t.

Last item from this 1st part of 2 of this series of makeup haul posts:


Mineral Pearls in Natural. Retail Value: $8

They’re intended to highlight (as in highlighting for contouring), but I see them more like a tinted finishing powder (in pearls, of course). Good for olive skin like mine, it doesn’t set in my fine lines, which I find helpful to my old lady face. It comes with a puffy pad, but swirling a brush on them works better. A bit chalky but not  a terrible thing, a little goes a long way.

Well, this is it for this first part of unboxing/revealing. Now please let me know: What items have you tried from these? Which are the ones you would like to try? Are you already are an e.l.f. fan? You know you can share all of your thoughts in the comments!

~ Bea ♥

PS: Stay tuned for Part II, it will include a surprise for all of you!





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