ipsy – December 2015 (and a bit from November)!


I’ve been procrastinating with my blog, I feel so bad because I truly want to make it big and beautiful like Love For Lacquer! But my life out there with 3 kids make my hands to be full most of the times. And busy, super busy…

…anyways! Here is what I received from ipsy this month, some swatches and a nail look with one of the samples my bag came with (I’m showing a glance of what I received in November at the end, so keep scrolling after finishing with December!). As always, excuse the sucky quality. It has been cloudy all day long for a while here and my camera (from my phone) doesn’t work well if there’s no direct sunlight:


It was not a bad month. Just one skin care item! And I got makeup items, a useful makeup tool and nail polish (yay!). Lets get up close and personal with each item:


Power of Love 100% Vegan Natural Lipstick in Nudie Red. This is a good lipstick! The package doesn’t say matte but it is definitely a matte one.

This nude looks very natural, just the formula is a bit odd for me, maybe because it is 100% vegan and I’m used to regular wax in lipsticks: it is not creamy but neither dry, it doesn’t make your lips to flake. It is not transfer proof but it surely lasts a while on your lips if you don’t do much with them while wearing it.  It completely smells like sunflower seeds which I find very interesting for a makeup item. Here’s a quick swatch of it:


In the inside of my wrist, it looks red toned, but in my lips looks less red and more nude, nude. My face is yellowish compared to my wrist, so I guess this is why it looks different there (also because of the shade of my lips, of course). And naturally I won’t post a pic of me using it ’cause I never look good in pictures (I’m so sorry!). Lets keep moving:


C413 Brow Duo Brush by Crown Brush. I became a fan of this brand thanks to ipsy and I love, LOVE when I get Crown brushes. I could never have too many brushes, so of course this baby is another win for this month. It is good to apply brow powders smoothly, but I haven’t tried it with creamy products yet.


Exfoliating Cleanser by Befine Food Skincare. The product I was less excited about receiving it, because skincare samples stay untouched with me. I do not use skin care items unless they are marked as 100% organic, with exceptions of oils (but they still need to have some organic content or at least be 100% natural, you can tell if it is natural by the scent of natural herbs in it).

Next up:


Illusion Lip Liner by Model Co. This doesn’t have a name or shade marked on the label. I don’t use lip liner frequently. When I use it, it is because I received one in a subscription box and it is a bright pink, which I like to wear on my entire lips as a lipstick (they give a nice matte finish), so I saw the tail in bright pink and I immediately opened it to see the tip of the pencil… and it turned out to be an almost perfect mauve shade. Here’s proof of it:


(Sorry for the bad try at drawing a heart!) It is intended to over draw your natural lip line to make your lips fuller and bigger. I don’t need such effect ’cause I already think I have terrible thick lips. But this will be used as a lipstick too as all of my lip liners.

And now, the sample I went bananas about when I saw the monthly sneak peek of my glam bag *drum roll* :


 Nail Polish in Revved Up by Formula X. This is a gorgeous rose gold metallic polish. The color is perfect for any type of party or special occasion.

Here’s the swatch of it on my nails:


Shown in two coats, no top coat. BUT I did use top coat after this pic because I did not intend to remove it (I usually paint my nails daily with different nail polish). Let me tell you a bit more about this nail polish:

  • It is a “one coater”, which means that it doesn’t need to be applied a second time to make sure you don’t see the underneath (your nails).
  • It is not fast dry. I had to use my drying drops the second time I had to reapply since the first application got ruined, I thought it was dried already after 15 minutes. Nope, it wasn’t. It shrunk terribly on 3 of my nails.
  • It gets easily ruined after hours of wearing it. Three hours later I gave my kids a bath and when I looked at my nails I could see the prints of the towel on them and also shrunk from half of the surface to the tips. And I have to be fair, I think this happened to me because I applied two coats instead of one and the second application did not dry properly before applying top coat.
  • Awkward formula to work with. It kinda gets gooey after minutes of being without the cap (because you’re applying it, of course) but it doesn’t at the same time. It is more watery than regular creamy polishes but not as much as some other polishes I have tried from this brand with micro glitters (jelly). It can be hard to spread evenly on your nail because of this.

Although it is not something I would buy full size because of the price and I know an exact dupe for this nail polish is Golden-I  from Sally Hansen (Hard As Nails) with better formula and less pricey (a bottle of Formula X costs $12.50 and Sally’s costs less than $4), I liked this sample in general because how it looks on the nails. I’ll try it on one coat next time, maybe I’ll have better luck this way.


Now that I showed my bag for this month, let me show you very quickly what I received last month:


The list of the samples is:

  • Matte Eye Shadow Pan in No. 209 by Luxie Beauty. I swatched this quickly on my wrist and the color payoff is quite good. It doesn’t get the exact as it looks in the pan but it is completely buildable, easy to work with and lasts a lot even without primer. This is the second eye shadow pan I receive from a beauty subscription (curiously enough, the first one was also from ipsy) and I don’t own a Z-Palette, so now I have to buy one to store these (thanks ipsy for making me buying more for me).
  • Full Exposure Mascara by Smashbox. This gives a gorgeous, natural lift to my eyelashes in two coats, but it doesn’t make them look blacker and I totally love my lashes full of drama (the only drama I want in my life), so this won’t be used as much as I wished.
  • Mattifying Emulsion & Pore Refiner by Figs & Rouge. A primer. I currently own a ton of pore reducer primers and my preferred one is from Too Faced, but once I run out of it I will give this one a try.

  • Highlighting Trio by Model Co. This is a great Aussie makeup brand and I like their products very much. This very creamy trio comes with beautiful shades (Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze) that I am obsessed with right now. I totally adore highlighters so this was my favorite item from this bag. Highly recommended product.
  • Pointed Crease Eye Shadow Brush by Crown Brush. Do I really need to say more? OK, I’ll say it: YAY!


So ipsy kept me as a subscriber thanks to these two bags. For $10  a month with shipping included, please keep ’em coming like this!

Don’t be shy and tell me what you got! And spill everything, even if you hate your bags completely, I’ll keep the secret between us! And if you are not subscribed yet, join here like for now, now (there’s a waiting list that makes you wait quite a while, that’s why).

~ Bea



    • A big apology for answering until now! I’ve been really sick and with PC problems, I could not even update my blog! What did you really like from the goodies you received?


    • It really is! And I’s sure it is my fault for wearing 2 coats instead of just one and not making sure they were hard dry before top coat. But we learn from mistakes, so next time I won’t use it on 2 coats 🙂


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