#ManiMonday: New Indie nail polish brand!


Disclosure: This is not a #PRSample. I was not provided with this polishes for testing and review, they were bought by myself and the opinions expressed here are solely mine.

I know, I know guys that it is already Tuesday and that the hashtag I am using should be something like #ThrowbackTuesday !  I had so many PC fails after my most recent post (it reboots so much to the point of irritate me), that I ended up giving up last night and I could not post this entry (I’m so sorry for this!), but I still needed to post this so here I am with my nail polish review about this new nail polish indie brand of nail polishes called Prism Polishes.

Sweet Eliza found me on Instagram and showed me she has her own nail polish brand (how cool is that?!) and asked me if I’d like to give it a try. Since my obsession with nail polish started with indie brands, I could not say “No.” and I ordered her Holiday Trio.

Prism Polishes Holiday Trio. Yeah, recycled my beauty box…

Before starting: you must know the only camera I count with is the one from my phone and it recently has started giving me headaches because it stopped focusing without direct sunlight. It has been horribly cloudy here (not dark cloudy but pretty cloudy) all week long, so my phone refuses to take HD pictures and the colors and exposure vary a lot. But the colors from the nail polishes are like 95% the same as in real life.

After letting you know that, lets get started by getting up close and personal with each of these 3 cute nail polishes:

Past and Presents by Prism Polishes.

First comes Past and Presents, an orange colored jelly polish with small hexagonal red, gold and blue holographic glitter. If you love to rock your nails with nail polish that is not so common to see, this one is for you. It also decorates your nails so nicely with just two coats in case you don’t have time to do any nail art or extra decoration on them. It looks like a party on your nails:

Past and Presents by Prism Polishes.

Starry Night. Another blue and silver glittery jelly. Its base is blue and it leaves such a gorgeous finish on your nails, like a pond mani without actually having to spend all the time to do it:

Starry Night by Prism Polishes.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? This is actually my favorite from the trio. Two coats, no top coat shown in the pic above. Shiny, shiny by itself.

Solo shot of Starry Night by Prism Polishes.

Last but not least: Santa’s Belly. I chuckled with the name of this one, which I find the same adorable as the nail polish. It is a red jelly with red hexagonal, glitter and orange micro holographic glitter. Two coats of it leaves your nails fully pack with glitter, which I totally love, of course:

Santa’s Belly by Prism Polishes.

Now, for this last polish my camera went completely out of service on my nails. If taken with natural light, the nail polish looked matte-like, so the glitter could not been seen nor appreciated. So while I was typing this post, I took a quick shot with my phone using the flashlight to capture the beauty of this one. Excuse the lack of fanciness in this pic and the ugliness of my Hispanic old lady fingers:

Santa’s Belly by Prism Polishes.

I seriously need a macro lens for my phone, because with flash and all this picture still doesn’t do any justice to the shiny, bright micro glitter of this nail polish. You seriously won’t stop looking at your nails once wearing it.

The formula of these 3 is really easy to work with: it applies smoothly and evenly on your nails and it covers them completely without any difficulty. Fast dry and they are very tough: the pic with Santa’s Belly has been taking after 3 days straight of wearing it with just one thin coat of fast dry top coat. As you can notice, it hasn’t chipped yet. I will tell all you need to know on how to make your nail polishes to last longer in a future post.

If you liked any of these nail lacquers, You can visit Eliza’s etsy shop here. She’s currently on a Holiday Break, but she will be back soon after the Holidays are over.

Questions about my nails or anything in this post, you know you can share them with me in the comment section. See you again in the next post!

~ Bea