#ManiMonday: Alternative to cellophane nails


Be advised that I am not a pro nor a certified nail technician. I’m merely a regular mom that happens to love nail polish a bit (OK, OK a lot!), so what are you going to see is just an idea for a nail look I did.

Hello again! Today (almost tomorrow) I can finally share a post involving what basically made me want to open a blog to talk about: nail polish. And I am beyond excited to show you my first ever how-to guide with images (or pictorial) that I hope you guys like!

If you’re like me and love this new trending on nails  that looks something like this:

Source: Google Images

but don’t have the material on hand to do it, worry no more, because it is what I am going to show you how to do using only nail polish that you can probably have at home already (and if not, they’re not hard to find at the store), no special/weird tools needed!

Here’s the starring for this nail look:

Cosmos with a Twist by OPI

I chose this nail polish from OPI because it has like a duo-chrome effect (two metallic colors), which adds dimension (and more prettiness) to the top coat I used as shattered glass.

Sparkle on Top by Essie

The flakes of this top coat you see above is what replaces the cellophane. It has a clear base but the flakes are holographic multicolored.

You’re also going to need your favorite base coat and the top coat of your choice, either matte or glossy. I chose matte top coat because…well, I liked the idea of matte shattered glass, so…

STEP 1 .- Prep your nails with two coats of base coat (my go to and all time favorite is Yellow Stopper from a brand called American Classics). Let them dry hard.

STEP 2.– Apply one or two coats of your base color. This will depend on how much your nail polish gives full color coverage to your nails. Excuse my crooked finger that you’re about to see:

I applied 2 coats of Cosmos with a Twist by OPI as base color for this nail look.

STEP 3.- After your base color is completely dry, proceed to (keyword) spread, in a slow motion, a slightly thick (not too thin or thick, just what comes in the middle) coat of your flakie top coat. Make sure you cover all the surface of your nails with that single coat, so they will look like this:

Your nail should get covered completely with just one coat.

The advantage of this particular top coat I used, is that it comes really packed with flakes, so with the right thickness of a coat you apply, your nails get pretty well covered with tiny glassy pieces of beauty, without ending up just with a big drop of goo.

After allowing everything to dry, apply the top coat of your preference and…


Voila, voila! Shattered glass effect at the tip of your fingers (literally).

If you chose regular, fast-dry top coat, you’re all set to go. But if you do like me and prefer a matte finish, you need to apply one coat of regular top coat, let dry and then apply the matte top coat. Matte top coat doesn’t seal and protect the nail polish like the glossy one: it shrinks, fades and gets ruined easily in a short period of time. Applying regular top coat before the matte one helps to keep your nails painted longer.

Questions? Comments about this nail look? Please let me know in the comments!

~ Bea





    • Thank you! It is just every day practice. Believe me, I was terrible at even just painting them a year ago, but a few moments a day dedicated to them and you can do better than me 🙂


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